Using a Quality Laminate Floor Cleaner To Stamp Out Pet Odours

Pets are not just fun to have around the home; they can teach you something about responsibility too. However, it’s not fun visiting a home that smells strongly of ‘man’s best friend’. In her article for Living Space 360, Tamatha Campbell says:

“It can be amazing how many different ways one’s pets can find to make a mess of your prized laminate wood flooring. Deep indentations made by claws generally require that the laminate pieces need to be replaced, but most other pet damage can be repaired. It’s much easier than you might think, too.”

The lingering odour of pet urine or faeces is not just distasteful but it may also indicate a health hazard. Although your friends may not tell you there is a problem you may notice them visiting you less and less! Often the homeowner is the last person to notice the smell their beloved pet can leave behind. Nobody wants to sit in a house that smells like a kennel because it is just associated with bad hygiene. To keep your place in good shape and still entertain guests in the process, you’ll need to make good use of an effective laminate floor cleaner. The most effective products are available through Laminate Restoration Floor Cleaning and Treatment Specialists.


Urinary Treatment

Unfortunately puppies tend to urinate just about anywhere they can raise a hind leg or squat down. Cleaning up the urine requires initial padding with paper towels or even old newspapers to absorb the liquid. You must take the pet away from the scene while you thoroughly clean up the mess. If you fail to do this the animal may associate that spot as the ‘go-to’ place when he needs to relieve himself. You will need to act fast to prevent the fluid from seeping into the wood and leaving an odour. Dogs have a sense of smell that is a hundred times better than a human so even if you can’t smell it your beloved puppy will be able to and that’s not good news for the future!

Cordon off the affected area and spray a light coat of floor cleaner on it. Wait a few minutes then wipe it off with a micro-fibre mop. Eliminating the smell entirely will encourage your pet not to return to that spot and give the message that there are proper places to urinate.

You Soiled My Floor!

“It’s a dirty job but someone’s gotta do it.” So goes a popular saying and it holds true when cleaning up your laminate floor of faecal matter – Yuck! The first thing to do is to scoop it up using thick paper and then throw everything into a separate rubbish bag. As with urine you must get rid of the smell entirely. If you don’t your pet may just return to the area every time he wants to empty himself. Any minor traces of faeces can be wiped off with rubbing alcohol on paper towels. Finally, spraying the spot with floor cleaner and mopping it will eliminate any remaining odour.

Any company that offers laminate floor repair products, will be able to recommend an effective product to treat the damage caused by pets to your flooring. This damage is not only caused by their ‘accidents’ but the effects of claws, mud, wet and everything else your pets may bring into the house! Firms like Laminate Restoration Floor Cleaning and Treatment Specialists go for the LamanatorPlus™ system. This will go a long way to ensuring a healthier home environment and a long lasting floor.

(Source: How to Remove Pet Stains from Laminate Wood Flooring, Living Space 360, August 17, 2011)

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