Your Product saved my floors

“I tried everything else, only yours worked! I will be a repeat customer. YOUR PRODUCT ROCKS!”

Dave from Alber, IL

Your product is absolutely AMAZING!!

“Thank you so much for saving my laminate floors! I was at my wits end trying everything and it made the floors look worse. I was about to give up. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see a brilliant shine on my floors again. Actually, it’s shinier than they ever were! I am also a contractor and will tell all my customers about this product. You have made my home a happy one. Thank you so much!”

Shawnee C. – Four Green Fields Contracting, PA

Product works wonders on laminate flooring and was long overdue to be marketed.

“No other product does what yours does in getting the old wax, etc off the floor in prep for restoring. Made the mistake of not using a clean microfiber head for the second application 12 hours after 1st and paid the price with having to reclean areas and reapply restorer.”

Raymond D. from Hendersonville, NC

The product is amazing! We have a dog and before putting on the laminator plus, we could see dog prints, drool marks etc. Once the product was applied, no more doggie marks. Even when she came in with wet paws, the paw prints dried without leaving any marks.

Susan Arran

I am so glad I found your product for my laminate floors!

“We have had the floors for 2 years and have always wanted them to have a nice shine. I have used your cleaning and restoration products and I am thrilled with the results. It is so easy to do and the end result is beautiful. It is so easy to keep up. I can not say enough and never thought the floors could look so good.”

Jan from Delmar, NY

“Just wanted to let you know that I used your product on my new laminate wood floor this week, and I was amazed by the results! First off when I was asking about laminate wood flooring, no one said that there was a protective coating on the laminate. I was so disappointed in the floor. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and it was still lack luster; however, I went on line for some advice and happened upon your website. It was an answer to my problem. I purchased your products on Friday and by Monday morning I had them and started cleaning my floor. I have a large space, so in my free time I am in the process of “restoring” my new floor and I am soooooo pleased. Thanks so much…..your have made me a happy homemaker!!”

Nancy from Kansas

“I have three dogs that scratched and dulled my laminate floor and nothing I did helped until I used your product. It’s so nice when you take a chance on a product sight unseen and it pays off. It’s been a few days now since I used Lamanator Plus and I am still admiring my “new floor”. Thank you so much!”

Diane H.

“The LamanatorPlus Floor Restorer is a great product that does as it says – makes floors beautiful.”

Amazon Customer

“LamanatorPlus Fresh Start Flooring Cleaner is a wonderful product – highly recommend”.

Amazon Customer

“The LamanatorPlus Flooring Cleaner is a great product on laminate floors.”

Terry H – 26 September 2016

“LamanatorPlus Floor Restorer is brilliant – used the pre restorer product first then this – floors back to looking like new – easy to use – very impressed.”

Amazon Customer -11 September 2016

The LamanatorPlus Flooring Cleaner is a great product”.

Norma Chirino – 9 November 2015

“We were particularly impressed recently when we hired the services of Laminate Restoration UK and the LamanatorPlus floor repair system. Surprisingly, the treatment took less than an hour and the specialist kit I received had the floors looking cleaner and richer in colour.”

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