The Use of a Special Laminate Floor Cleaner and Other Tips for Floors

Flooring is an essential feature in any house. Laminate flooring, for example, has been in vogue for a long time because it is an affordable choice and is easy to maintain, as well as being aesthetically pleasing to the eye. To ensure that your laminate floor will last as long as your house—or at least, for several years—proper cleaning and maintenance must be observed. An article on the website Service Magic emphasizes this:

Laminate floors are often considered a great investment for home owners – they are durable and hard-wearing, look sleek, cool and tidy and usually require minimum effort on your part to look after and maintain. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should just leave laminate flooring to its own devices; it will only stay looking as good as new if you are willing to put a little effort now and then into keeping it clean and in good repair. Laminate flooring may not require specialist treatment once a year like more temperamental hardwoods but it still needs a bit of TLC…

Here are a few floor maintenance and cleaning suggestions to lengthen the life of your laminate flooring:

Clean spills immediately

Certain products on the market claim to eliminate minor floor smudges brought by stains and spills. Some stains, however, may be hard to remove if not treated immediately or correctly. Wipe spills or smudges from floors as soon as they happen. For stubborn stains, choose the right laminate floor cleaner to eliminate not only those spots but your worries as well.

The Use of a Special Laminate Floor Cleaner and Other Tips for Floors


Do not use soap or brush

Cleaning professionals do not advise cleaning your laminate floor with soapy water or a scouring agent, such as a brush. These cleaning implements could destroy the floor’s surface and dull its natural shine.

Place door mats in entrances

The use of door mats in entrances is recommended. At first glance, these mats appear to be just “Welcome” signs at your doorstep, but they actually help you get rid of small stones and other debris in your shoes, which may damage the floor’s surface. Door mats lessen the risk of scratching or staining your laminate floor.

Buy special cleaners for maximum effect

For best results, use special products like the LamanatorPlus™ floor restoration kit. This is not an ordinary ‘OTC’ laminate floor polish; it effectively removes ingrained dirt on the floor’s surface. These products, from floor restoration companies like Laminate Restoration UK, will also recoat laminate and hardwood floors, and maintain high-traffic areas in the home.

Laminate flooring has remained a primary choice of many a homeowner. Seeking the right cleaning implements and best practices ensures its durability and maintains the beauty of your home.

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