Laminate Restoration UK’s Laminate Floor Cleaner Works Wonders on Slate Floors

Slate may be a popular roofing choice but it just so happens to be a popular flooring choice too. That said, an article on How to Clean Stuff notes:

“Slate floors, while beautiful, require diligent maintenance to avoid unsightly dirt build-up and potential scratches.”

Dirty slate flooring is an eyesore. It will be as unsightly to you as it will be to visitors. The material is highly porous so an effective sealant is recommended. An effective laminate floor cleaner of the kind provided by companies like Laminate Restoration UK is one of them.

How To Clean Slate Floors

The best laminate floor polish products are often designed to tackle multiple flooring materials. The LamanatorPlus™ line, for instance, not only works on wooden floors but on tile, slate, vinyl and hardwood as well; even the kitchen cupboards will come up like new. It is an extremely versatile product but the results are always the same; a beautiful showroom finish, sealed and protected.


The exact cleaning and restoring procedure for laminate floors, slate, tile, vinyl and other surfaces may differ slightly. Dependent on the surface to be treated – and for best results – you may require a non-oil-based micro-fibre mop, a broom with soft bristles or even the household favourite: a bucket of water!

The procedure always begins by simply sweeping the floor of any loose debris to reduce the accumulation on the mops themselves. The last thing you want is any hard material lodged in a mop as it is moved across a floor. This can cause extensive scratching to the surface. The article notes that vacuum cleaners are also okay to use on the floor, though you should only use soft brush attachments to take care of slate materials. An initial solution sprayed over the target area will prepare the slate surface to be cleaned of any fine debris left behind by initial sweeping.

Fill a bucket with clean water and soak the mop head in it and then squeeze the water from the mop head. Make sure the mop head is simply damp. Do not use excessive water to prepare any surface. While still damp, move it over the floor in only one direction. Work on one section of the floor at a time and periodically rinse the mop head over the bucket. Dispose and replace the water if it gets too dirty. It’s a simple procedure we know but this preparation will ensure super results from the LamanatorPlus system.

Allow the entire slate floor to air-dry once you are done with the mopping. Ensure the floor remains dirt free before proceeding with the sealing treatment. As with most things in life the effort is in the preparation. Get that right and the results will be amazing!

Remember: Slate floors will only carry that great look if well maintained. Use a versatile laminate floor cleaner to ensure admiring glances for years to come!

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