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LamanatorPlus Laminate floor polish

Laminate Floor Repair

Clean, Restore, Shine and Protect your floors with Laminate Restoration UK and the unique laminate floor repair system.

The LamanatorPlus process consists of two simple steps.

Step 1 – Fresh Start deep cleans your floor to remove ingrained dirt and grime, grease and wax, paint and previously applied products, preparing your floor for the Restoration process.

Step 2 – The Restorer re-coats your floor with a clear acrylic finish which adheres to the floor and restores the shine.

After applying the Restorer, if an area of the floor starts to wear faster than the rest of the floor, ie the entrance to a room that gets heavy traffic or if you just want to touch up an area, you can simply mop on the Restorer in that area and it will blend in fine with the rest of the floor.

The Restorer can also be used without the Fresh Start on brand new floors to help protect them.

Is your laminate floor chipped?

If your floor has a chip or gouge in it can be easily repaired. Use a wood filler that matches the colour of your floor. Smooth it into the gouge and let it dry before you go on to step 2. The restorer will seal it in.

Our toughest repair to date was a spillage of bitumen onto a laminate floor. The bitumen was removed by wrapping the scrubbing pad around a sanding block and applying pressure to the damaged area. Wood filler was applied to the chipped areas and the floor was as good as new when the restoration process was complete.


Fresh Start
(STEP 1)

The first step in restoring your laminate or hardwood floor to its former glory.

Size Options: 500 ml / 1 Litre

Starting From £11.00


(STEP 2)

The Restorer is the second stage of the process. Apply the restorer to help seal joints, protect the original surface, hide minor scratches, remove scuffs and give your floor a brand new look.

Size Options: 500 ml / 1 Litre

Starting From £14.50

Laminate Floor Cleaner

Flooring Cleaner
designed for regular day to day cleaning to enhance the colour and shine of your laminate or hardwood floor.

Size Options: 500 ml / 1 Litre / 4 Litre

Starting From £5.00

repair kit

The Mop Kit comprises of:

2x micro fibre mop covers, 1x mild scrubbing pad 1x mop head attachment (which will fit most broom handles).

Only £10.00


Product works wonders on laminate flooring and was long overdue to be marketed.

“No other product does what yours does in getting the old wax, etc off the floor in prep for restoring. Made the mistake of not using a clean microfiber head for the second application 12 hours after 1st and paid the price with having to reclean areas and reapply restorer.”

Raymond D. from Hendersonville, NC

I am so glad I found your product for my laminate floors!

“We have had the floors for 2 years and have always wanted them to have a nice shine. I have used your cleaning and restoration products and I am thrilled with the results. It is so easy to do and the end result is beautiful. It is so easy to keep up. I can not say enough and never thought the floors could look so good.”

Jan from Delmar, NY