Laminate Floor Maintenance Tips: Beyond the Laminate Floor Cleaner

Laminate flooring is very popular among homeowners these days. There are many reasons for this but the expensive, glossy look of well-maintained laminate flooring is certainly an attraction. Combine this with the look and lustre of natural wood, at a fraction of the cost, and you can understand why this flooring is so popular. Yahoo! Voices contributor S.H. Wallick also believes so, saying, “Laminate floors are tough and resilient, easy to care for, long lasting, and beautiful. If you treat laminate floors right, they will reward you with many years of utility and pleasure.”

Laminate Floor Maintenance Tips

Using a specialised laminate floor cleaner from a company like Laminate Restoration U.K. is an important first step towards maintaining this type of flooring. Here are a few additional tips that every homeowner must heed in order to keep a laminate floor looking shiny and new for as long as possible:

Vacuuming or sweeping beforehand to remove loose dirt or grit

It is recommended that a soft brush be used to clean away surface grit and dirt rather than vacuuming. Any small hard particles can cause extensive damage to the floor if they inadvertently become lodged around the moving parts, notably the wheels. As you move the vacuum cleaner across the floor the damage can be done before you realise what is happening! A great alternative is to use a hand held rechargeable cleaner with a soft brush attachment.

Use the correct cleaning product

Some cleaning solutions may be ideal for other areas of the home but not for laminate surfaces. They may leave a residue that makes the flooring look dull or at worst cause permanent damage. Stick to using a product that is designed for the job. Homeowners should take great care to select the product that is best suited for this kind of flooring. You have parted with hard earned cash to install this flooring; make sure it looks great for years by using the best ‘clean and restore’ products.

Door mats

Placing a simple “Welcome Mat” outside the front door can go a long way to maintaining the flooring. These mats are essential as they can help remove small stones, grit, and other potentially damaging debris from people’s shoes before they enter the house. While most laminate floor products come with a protective coating to prevent such damage, mats can act as a reliable first line of defence.

Do not use inappropriate polish, varnish, or wax

New laminate flooring already comes with a pre-finished wear layer that needs no further treatment, only correct and careful cleaning. Should damage and wear occur over time it is easy to restore that showroom look by using products that are specifically designed for the task. Products like those supplied by Laminate restoration UK.

In the event that damage to the flooring does occur, specialist laminate floor repair products can remedy the problem. It is recommended that you contact accredited professionals for advice.

(Source: Ten Tips for Maintaining Laminate Floors, Yahoo! Voices, November 10, 2009)

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