How to Clean and Repair your Laminate Floor

Step By Step

1. Vacuum or sweep your floor to remove any dirt and dust
2. Lightly spray Fresh Start (green bottle) onto the floor
3. Mop the floor using the microfibre mop and cover. For stubborn marks the white scrub pad may be required (supplied in the mop kit)
4. Rinse the floor with water using the microfibre mop and mop cover
5. Allow the floor to dry
6. If your floor has a chip or gouge in use a wood filler that matches the colour of your floor. Smooth it into the gouge and let it dry before you apply the restorer. The restorer will seal it in.
7. Spray a light coat of Restorer (yellow bottle) onto the floor
8. Spread evenly using the microfibre mop and mop cover
9. Allow to dry – approx ½ hour
10. Apply a second and final coat

It’s that simple! The whole laminate floor repair treatment takes about 2-3 hours and has your floor looking cleaner and richer in colour. The floor can be walked on in one hour and furniture can be moved back in three hours. Full easy to understand instructions are provided with the solutions.

To maintain your floor and keep it looking as good as new the Flooring Cleaner (red label) is an everyday laminate floor cleaner that cleans and maintains the shine on your floor. It will not streak and will not leave residue and can be used whether or not you have applied the two step restoration process. You should use this for your weekly or twice weekly cleaning. In between those floor cleanings you should use a microfibre mop damp with water. We recommend a microfibre mop as it cleans better and is easily washed. Do not add bleach or softener when washing microfibre mop covers.

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