Fresh Start (Step 1)

Fresh Start is the first step in restoring your laminate or hardwood floor to its former glory. Size Options: 500 ml / 1 Litre

Starting From £11.00


Restorer (Step 2)

The Restorer is the second stage of the process. Apply the restorer to help seal joints, protect the original surface, hide minor scratches, remove scuffs and give your floor a brand new look. Size Options: 500 ml / 1 Litre

Starting From £14.50

Laminate Floor Cleaner

Flooring Cleaner

To maintain your floor the Flooring Cleaner is an everyday laminate floor cleaner which cleans and maintains the shine on your floors. It can be used whether or not you have followed the two-step restoration process. Size Options: 500 ml / 1 Litre / 4 Litre

Starting From £5.00

repair kit

Mop Kit

The mop kit comprises:

Two micro fibre mop covers.
One mild scrubbing pad.
one mop head attachment (which will fit most broom handles).

ONLY £10.00